Taking a closer look at people’s credentials.


The client needed to find a Managing Director for their business in an emerging market. A potential candidate had been recommended. I was asked to profile him.


On paper, the individual seemed to have the right credentials, well equipped for the role with our client. He even had one of our client’s Senior Executives as a reference.


Interviewed the candidate using the AMANI™ protocol. The candidate’s track record, knowledge and experience seemed to be ideal. However, there was something that wasn’t right. It was very subtle with no hard evidence at this stage, but enough to instil a doubt and raise a red flag.

Discussed the matter with the client who looked into the area raised.

The examples the potential candidate had shared were real, but the work he was taking credit for was carried out by someone else – a person already working with our client.  Definitely not someone who could be trusted to lead a business. Saved the client from the potential fallout of having the wrong leader in place.


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