Leadership for

the Digital Age

Leadership for

the Digital Age

At its core, business is about creating value. But in a world where the pursuit of profit often trumps ethics, this truth has been forgotten. Through insightful analysis and reflective case studies, Better Than Your Behaviour offers a timeless moral compass for steering organisations with authenticity and integrity in an increasingly complex and demanding business landscape. An essential read for any leader determined to build resilient, future-proof companies without selling their soul.

Excellent book in today’s world of profit and power at all costs. It is an excellent guide for both business and political leaders as it introduces the ethical considerations that must accompany any decision. It is full of meaningful relevant case studies which the author introduces to prove her point on importance of ethical considerations. The book is even more relevant in today’s digital world and the exponential surgence of artificial intelligence.

It would be great if today’s business leaders and political leaders around the globe would take the time to read Deborah’s inspiring book.

Philip Micallef

Former CEO of Air Malta

Super well written and you touch topics of leadership that most books don’t. It really got me as a guide of how to behave as a business person.

Percy Grundy

Founder & CEO, AngaNet

‘Better Than Your Behaviour’ is an eye-opener for leaders who are following well-established pathways – with an urgent call for each of us to think again and to re-set. The goal? Creating a better future.

A core theme is to learn from AI patterns to upgrade our own internal code, focusing on our character and integrity as core aspects to consider. The author also suggests how we can work with AI effectively to power ethics-based organizations – as we work on building better versions of ourselves as individuals, teams and communities.

This is a practical business book that urges the reader to think, self-assess (with question sets to assist with this) and – most importantly – do.

Angelica Micallef Trigona

Director of Corporate Communications, Hornetsecurity

Let me compliment you on your excellent book – Better Than Your Behaviour. Very striking indeed. I cannot help noting – and please take it as a compliment – the absolute similarity between your line of thought and studied observations and that of the catholic church social teaching. Do not think I am some holy man (far from it) but I do follow social thought and teaching and I have no hesitation at all to recommend your book as a text book to whoever follows such subjects. I must say, you are also very daring and outspoken.

Godwin Scerri

Chairman, Malta Maritime Forum

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