Time to Upgrade

Our Inner Code

Humans – our choices, actions and inactions – shape the future. With the integration of algorithms, the impact of these choices becomes compounded. We must upgrade our inner operating system to navigate this new landscape responsibly.

Speaking &

Thought Leadership

Deborah is renowned for cutting to the heart of the matter. Through keynotes, panels and podcasts, she sparks critical conversations on responsible innovation and ethical tech. Her insights propel companies and industries towards a future where human values anchor technology, crafting discussions that are not only worth having but essential for progressive change.

Leadership &


Deborah guides boards, investors and leadership teams to think differently, navigating challenges from ESG and ethical AI to stakeholder capitalism. She specialises in demystifying AI, showing how to maximise its potential for augmented intelligence that benefits business, humanity and society. Her advice sharpens perspectives and equips leaders with the foresight to combine growth with positive impact.

Ethical Investing &

Strategic Insight

Operating at the nexus of technology and humanity, Deborah brings unique insight into the ethical and responsible uses of AI. As a strategic bridge between investors and entrepreneurs, she aligns capital with innovative ventures that demonstrate both integrity and growth potential. By leveraging her extensive due diligence process and deep understanding of investor-founder dynamics, Deborah unlocks the full potential of each partnership, ensuring investments adhere to the highest standards of ethics and responsibility. Empowering informed decisions and enabling solutions that benefit society, Deborah collaborates with investors and entrepreneurs to shape a future where innovation drives responsible progress and significant returns.


Everything starts with a human2human conversation

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