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Deborah is a trusted innovator and advisor, adept at ethically aligning human talent and intelligence with emerging technologies. Providing strategic guidance at the human-technology interface, she ensures that insights and investments—whether human, financial or technological—drive positive and meaningful change. 

Deborah works with founders, investors, business leaders and boards to build better companies for a better future. She is known for her unique way of thinking, the courage to say it as it is and her ability to predict outcomes ahead of the curve. The most notable of the latter was identifying red flags in Theranos and Greensill 18 months before the fallout. She systemised the ‘how’ into a unique methodology to help investors and leaders make better decisions.

Deborah has over 15 years of experience in leadership, innovation and impact. She has worked with a cross-section of the innovation and value-creation ecosystem, from financial institutions, private equity firms and high-net-worth families, to communities living on less than $2 a day, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Deborah has been described as an inspirational speaker and thought-provoking writer and chairs conferences, discussions and collaborative initiatives on leadership, innovation, impact and ethical practices around data and technology.

Case studies

Governance and innovation

How managing corporate governance and local customs with a dose of innovation and empathy can translate into a multi-million-dollar opportunity.

Team acquisition

Every minute humans in your company aren’t adding value is costing you money, but it’s costing them time and their track record.


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