Handling the fallout from the financial crisis


A global financial institution was in trouble. Bankruptcy was inevitable. Wanting to get ahead of it, a member of the regional team approached us to explore options. 


  • Profiled every team member, identifying their skills, aspirations and team cohesion
  • Reviewed their deal sheets, understanding their capabilities and sectorial coverage
  • Pinpointed critical team members to each cluster and business

Provided an existing client with the overview of the team, discussing capabilities, cohesion, linchpins and possible constructs.


Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the team and their capabilities, he set up discussions with the leaders of the institution to discuss the business further and their options. Initially exploring the acquisition of the regional team, the talks shifted to a global acquisition. Key to this was the alignment of the organisations’ sectorial coverage, cultural dynamics and the mindset of the people.

The acquisition did not take place. Our client’s bid became untenable when another bank acquired the business, paying cash bonuses with the hope of retaining the team. Unfortunately, that strategy did not work, and team members started disbanding within six months due to a lack of cultural fit with the acquiring organisation and lack of deal flow.


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