“The world is starving, but not for food, for love.”  Mother Theresa

I was recently having tea with a friend. I hadn’t seen him for some time so we were catching up on life, work, love, relationships and everything in between. It’s always such an honour to have the time and space to have a proper heart to heart – some of my most treasured moments.

He was sharing the challenges he’d been facing, his hopes and fears. At one point I asked him if he was spiritual. Before I lose anyone here, let me just say that whether you are Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist or any other religion or creed, the following is not a debate about religion.

Life doles out its challenges, trials and tribulations to every one of us, some making us stronger – others making us question and doubt some of our fundamental beliefs. And my hunch told me, that my dear friend was experiencing the latter.

He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his lap, hands clasped together in front of him. His head lowered, eyes looking downwards, I could see he was contemplating, searching within for what he felt was true. After some time he looked up.

“I don’t know Deb. If God existed why would all these bad things happen to children.”

And it is true – the atrocities that some children in this world experience are shocking. What ensued was an interesting dialogue about God. I am sure you have all experienced some form of God debate at one point or another, blaming some outside force for the ills that exist in this world. But, taking a close look at the main troubles that exist on this planet, there is no unknown force behind them – sadly they are the making of our fellow man.

So my response to my friend, was “But that is not God’s doing, it is people’s doing. And then people like you exist and come about to right the wrong.”

The anguished look he had upon his face until this moment disappeared, replaced by his sparkling eyes and beaming smile. If there is one thing my friend is passionate about, it is the wellbeing and welfare of children. It was just the dose he needed to hear, reinstilling his own inner belief in his efforts.

Regardless of how old we get, as human beings I believe we all need that safe haven, the quiet port away from the stormy seas. In our busy lives, we sometimes miss when someone needs that quiet place, that time and space to feel safe, to share their heart’s desire and rest a weary soul. So in this holiday season, I hope you find your quiet time and space, and please remember to create that safe port for others.



Headhunter turned talent spotter, Deborah creates the connect between people of character and companies with principles. The Founder of AMANI™, she is an advocate for business being a force for good, vested in the impact business has in both economic and social terms across various strata of society.