An innovative approach to finding the right leader



A family business with a franchise partner had to replace the Managing Director with immediate effect. Failure to do so could result in them losing their business relationship with the franchise partner, which would have a big impact on their business, revenue and reputation. The time constraints were further exacerbated by the time of year – it coincided with a holiday season during which most people are not available.


The situation required an understanding of the issues and related factors, an ability to be laser-like in identifying the right person and out of the box thinking. Going the traditional search route would have taken too long. Taking a closer look at their client-base, contacts and additional resources, formulated a unique strategy that identified the right potential candidates and we set out to profile them for best fit.

The targeted candidates were from three different geographical locations so there were a number of factors to consider including:

  • The right skills and motivations
  • An understanding of the market
  • A proven track record in building a business with similar challenges
  • An ability to work with the cultural mix of people that worked with the organisation
  • An understanding of what relocation would entail from a familial perspective, making sure everyone was on board and in alignment
  • Resonance in terms of the ability to fit and thrive in the corporate culture

Regardless of the tight deadline, anyone who wasn’t just right was excluded, for their own sake as well as the client’s. Failure to do so would have increased the probability of having to face the same problem some months down the line. Using this methodology, the shortlist of three top candidates was presented within a month of first being alerted of the situation by the client.

The individual hired is still with the brand, growing the business in a new territory.

Saved the client time, money, reputation and the relationship with their franchise partner.


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