For the last few years the topic of regulation has played a key role in our economies. From debates about stronger regulation for banks to curb future debacles that led to the financial crisis, to regulations for tech giants and what to do with private data.

What I find particularly intriguing is that private enterprise bucks what they see as interference from governments in favour of free enterprise. But have these same private companies shown the level of maturity that can allow them to proceed freely? Do they have the ability to curb their voracious appetite for profit to do what is right? Have the politicians for that matter?

We seem to live in an age in which we operate through justifications or blame. ‘Others are doing it’, ‘there isn’t a law that covers it’, ‘that’s what the markets want’. Does anyone have the moral fibre and backbone to buck the trend and consider the long-term implications of our current actions? What happened to our internal compass or have we, in this age of globalisation, subcontracted our ability to think, reason and decide to some unknown entity?

This is somewhat akin to frogs – if you put them in hot water, they will jump out but if you put the frogs in cold water and slowly heat up the water, before they realised it, they are cooked!

Whilst these debates go on, users and customers around the world continue their every day habits and transactions with little thought or consideration of the consequences of their actions – somehow trusting the kinks will be worked out – always of course by somebody else.

The younger generation needs to realise the level of influence they have.

  • You have access to resources generations before you didn’t.
  • You have a laptop / computer / mobile.
  • You have access to hoards on information through the internet.
  • You have these incredible platforms of social media.
  • You had the privilege of being educated and know how to read!

Use your resources wisely and instead of being addicted to endless hours of brainless surfing, or the inevitable, click-like-share (other than this article of course 😉 ) get curious as to what is going on around you. Let your voice be heard. To reiterate the words of Steve Jobs, a key architect who helped make our current reality a possibility, “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Make sure you are changing it for the better…the foundation for your future is being cast today.


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