This week we’re focusing on the work of some inspiring women and some tips for women to rise.

The Ambitious Introvert

So last week I mentioned AI – Artificial Intelligence. This week I’d like to share another definition for AI – the Ambitious Introvert coined by the fabulous Morra Aarons-Mele. I first came across Morra and her work through a Knowledge@Wharton podcast where she was talking about her book Hiding in the Bathroom. Many people think all introverts are quiet. We’re not 🙂 But we do need to play the game differently. It’s a great read for entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders and for anyone who wants and values diverse teams.

Morra’s message struck many chords with me especially since I have listened to people on promotions committees and investors mistaking extroversion for the ability to execute. The ambitious introvert favours substance over spin, collaboration instead over competition and fosters the development and rise of others.

So my suggestion for this week: challenge your unconscious biases, stop putting people into boxes and set up the rules of the game so that everyone can win, not just the few.

Thank you Morra, I look forward to more myth busting 🙂


Future Leaders in the Making

It was great to see the ladies from this year’s cohort of e7 Banat give their project updates. I was blown away by their confidence as they presented their findings and progress so far. Truly inspiring. Some public speakers could learn a few things from them 🙂

Aged between 18 and 25, these ladies are at the beginning of their leadership journey. If this is the blueprint of future leaders, the future is in good hands. But even the mentors are learning. Whether it’s about new technology or the mindset and capabilities of the next generation, mentors come away richer.

My wish for e7 Banat is for their programme and philosophy to expand into other parts of the Region (and the world), and for business leaders to engage and experience what the next generation is truly capable of.

Thank you Adela, all the team, mentors and of course, the participants – past, present and future 🙂


Women and Wealth

Unless a man is a woman’s financial plan, we need to earn more, save better and invest more wisely. This is one of the things I love about what Zoë Cousens is doing through the Women’s Investment Network. Using her professional and personal experiences, she’s enabling women to develop better financial habits and be smarter with their money. This week she shared some insights from behavioural finance and how these impact an individual’s ability to gain financial freedom.

It reminded me of my dad’s story who was a great role model in this. He had a plan to retire at 50 with£x in his account. He didn’t have an app in those days. Just a piece of paper with the goal in his wallet acting as a reminder every time he went to buy something, prompting a simple question – is this purchase a need or a want? Is it taking me towards or away from my goal? Suffice to say, most of the time the money went back in his wallet. He retired at 50.

The lesson?

  • Make a plan
  • Share it with your family – others who are impacted by your goal and can support you in it
  • Identify your weakness and a strategy to counteract it
  • Develop a muscle of deferred gratification
  • Save at least 10% of your earnings
  • Invest wisely and
  • Enjoy the things you do spend money on

Thank you Zoe – fun and insightful as always.


A parting thought. Would we be better off saying ‘Cash is Queen’? Think about it. The queen moves around the board in a much more efficient manner so maybe if cash were queen money would flow better, and people would get paid more efficiently. 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s about it for this week. I welcome your views and to continuing the conversation.