As governments rally to win a supposed race on who can regulate first, we should be thinking, who can regulate best. I get concerned when I see a lack of diversified thought creating the rulebook. So before you are lulled into a false sense of security that an ICO (initial coin offering) is regulated, you need to be aware of the Dark Side of Crypto, by Meltem Demirors, the Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares.


I had an interesting discussion with one of my blockchain colleagues, Tony Upward, on the domination of blockchain. While the rest of the world is distracted by crypto-hype, China, that received lots of flack for banning crypto, has been investing in blockchain. China is set to dominate the landscape, a landscape it believes is ten times more valuable than the internet itself. Tony kindly put together a great piece on the thinking you can read here.

Lessons from Mums

Bloomberg in Dubai organised an event to help working mums get back to work, and I had the privilege of giving the keynote. I love events like this because they provide the opportunity to learn and find better ways of readying businesses for the future. There is a lot to learn from mums who return to work. Having taken some time out, they face challenges in adapting back to the workplace, not only from a skills perspective but also pace. To understand the problem, imagine jumping onto a treadmill that is operating at full speed. It’s not going to go well (unless you can run alongside it to get into step). The world is changing at a very rapid rate. The issues currently faced by returning mums will be met by workforces globally, as companies and people adapt to a more technologically driven world. If you want to conduct a study in your company to extract the lessons and find solutions to creating companies equipped for the future, please drop me a line.
That’s it for this week. I look forward to your thoughts and continuing the conversation.