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Case studies


The following examples are a small slice of the situations and circumstances I have helped my clients navigate. Underlying these solutions are models I have developed and tested over the years. I’d happily walk you through some of these in more detail.

Spotting and cleaning out greenwashing

An accelerator wanted to ensure they had high calibre people and ideas for their programme. One company was creating a new type of bottled water where a percentage of the revenues went towards water wells in Africa. A noble strategy, but was their execution in alignment?

Tackling transition and growing pains of scaling a business

Getting funding is great to help scale a company, but it’s good to be aware of the step change. Here’s an example of a private equity firm acquiring a start-up, where the shift in pace and strategy led to low morale and diminished team spirit, negatively impacting results.

Taking a closer look at credentials and capabilities

Many biases can kick in when interviewing, hiring, and even investing. For instance, some assume that because someone they hold in high regard recommends someone, the person they referred must be good. Here is one example of spotting impostors.

Tackling causes not symptoms is key to unlocking value

An excellent example of the power of not jumping to conclusions. How managing corporate governance and local customs with a dose of innovation and empathy can translate into a multi-million-dollar opportunity.

Those who create the environment for people to feel safe to be themselves and become their best selves are the ones who will win – as companies and as people

A team in a fast-growing start-up was facing increasing friction and low morale. One person in particular was a millennial in a leadership position. His boss perceived him as difficult to manage, causing conflict and frustration. This is his story.

Every minute humans in your company aren’t adding value is costing you money, but it’s costing them time and their track record, elements they can’t replace.

If you were buying a Lamborghini, Aston or other car of your choosing, would you check out the engine or just the bodywork? Would you want to buy the car to drive or just have as a trophy in your garage? The same rationale can be used for a merger or an acquisition.

The next generation taking over the family business

The son of the founder was taking over the family business. He brought in a private equity partner who recommended me as a sounding board to the CEO. Today they’re a publicly listed company.

Wealth transfer to future generations

One part of a very wealthy family sold their shares in the family business. No longer linked with the company and with vast financial wealth at their disposal, the question was what to do next.

The art and science of high-performance teams

Companies and investors are often tempted to hire (or invest in) people with big personalities. Our research shows those same big personalities can negatively impact a team and the ability to build a business. Here’s an example of the psychology and dynamics of sustainable teams.

An innovative approach to finding the right leader

A family business with a franchise partner had to replace the Managing Director immediately. Failure to do so could result in them losing their business relationship with the franchise partner, significantly impacting their business, revenue, and reputation.

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