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Aspirations in Arabic, harmony in Swahili and the way in Sanskrit, AMANI is more than a name. It is a better way of doing business.


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AMANI™ is the protocol behind high-performance teams and building businesses that add value.

Developed through in-depth interviews with Business Leaders, Executives and Entrepreneurs, AMANI™ aligns people, purpose, performance and profits.

AMANI™ has added value to start-ups, high-growth companies and family-owned enterprises.


Diagnoses individual, team and company fit and likelihood of future success


Identifies future leaders and the pathway for their progress


Transforms a group of individuals into high-performance teams

Supports companies and investors in gauging and applying ESG principles (environmental, societal and governance)
Enables people and companies to gel and excel

Born in England to a Maltese mother and English father, Deborah moved to Saudi Arabia before her second birthday where her father worked with Saudi Aramco. She was educated between Saudi Arabia, Malta and the UK, and has lived and worked in London, the States, Middle East, Malta and Hong Kong. She has also worked on projects in India and Africa.


A sense of curiosity is the hallmark of Deborah’s thinking. She explores the how and why of things, especially systems and people. She asks ‘is there a better way‘ and if so, how? Approaching matters like a puzzles that need to be solved, Deborah combines innovation and experimentation, whilst considering the broader impact of actions.


Deborah challenges the status quo of business as usual. With experience ranging from building senior leadership teams to capacity building for grassroots organisations, Deborah understands how business impacts various strata of society. She loves engaging with people to transform lives through innovative thinking and positive practices.

“Dedication and passion seldom seen nowadays!”

“Integrity in saying what needs to be said.”

“A firebrand of inspiration.”