On a trip to Kenya, we were faced with a village that required access to clean water. Their wish was to have water, to grow crop that would in turn provide them with the money to educate the boys and the girls of the community (traditionally only the boys were educated.)

In other words, a sustainable solution.

There were 3 key elements highlighted through our research:

1. The correlation between sustainability of wells and community involvement.

2. Most organisations measure track record in terms of wells drilled, not how many are still functioning after two to three years and no reference to the ongoing benefits e.g. economic development, creation of schools etc.

3. Main contributor to wells failing is lack of maintenance.

Applying our methodology, we searched for and identified a number of NGOs, charities and grassroots organisations. We screened them for their capabilities, track record, efficiency, transparency and ability to deliver. We finally chose a grassroots organisation whose model and capabilities were aligned with the needs of the village.

We worked with them to provide water to the village and other initiatives, providing the villagers with the means to become self-sufficient. One such initiative was using their mobile phone to create a maintenance alert and tracking system. 

We are forever indebted to the people of Samburu for opening our eyes and the work of The Samburu Project for making a difference to people’s lives.

AMANI™ is in part due to their teachings.

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