With broad geographic experience encompassing the Middle East, Africa, Asia, USA and Europe, Deborah has an understanding of various cultures and markets, with a particular interest in emerging and frontier markets.

Previously a Partner in Korn Ferry’s Middle East practice, Deborah specialised in cross-border searches and has a strong track record in building and retaining high-performance teams. Observing a pattern amongst companies and people that gel and excel, she conducted and analysed over 300 in-depth interviews with founders, senior executives and high-performance teams. The findings underpin AMANI™ – a framework that aligns motivations and mindsets, and minimises the friction in collaboration and achievement of results.

Deborah has worked with and advised business leaders, founders and intergenerational family businesses. She has spent the last few years mentoring startups, is a talent scout for Ideas from Europe and a Trustee for Barefoot College (UK).

Deborah is a writer, speaker and panel chairperson on a variety of subjects, including Leadership, Entrepreneurship and navigating the future.  She is a graduate from the University of Buckingham in Psychology and Business Studies and is a professionally certified NLP coach. Based between Dubai and London, Deborah is often found at university campuses and start-up events, identifying and guiding the next generation of leaders, thinkers and doers.


Born in England to a Maltese mother and English father, Deborah moved to Saudi Arabia before her second birthday where her father worked with Saudi Aramco. She was educated between Saudi Arabia, Malta and the UK, and has lived and worked in London, the States, Middle East, Malta and Hong Kong. She has also worked on projects in India and Africa.

Curiosity and Creativity

A sense of curiosity is the hallmark of her thinking. She explores the how and why of things, especially systems and people. Challenging the status quo she asks ‘is there a better way‘ and if so, how? For instance, she discovered a pattern amongst people and companies that gel and excel. She conducted in-depth interviews with founders, senior executives and high-performance teams to identify the key traits and circumstances.

Problem Solving and Playfulness 

She approaches matters like a puzzle that needs to be solved, engaging an element of playfulness. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t take it seriously – quite the contrary – but she has learned that maintaining a sense of curiosity whilst believing there is in fact a solution helps her persevere.

Life and Legacy

Having experienced the loss of loved ones, Deborah understands the finite nature of life. She believes this ‘deadline’ so to speak crystallises the mind and helps us focus on what matters – no unsaids and no what ifs. She has a deep respect for life, and all the experiences, possibilities and interactions along the way.

With the right will and resources, business positively impacts millions of lives.  Join like-minded people and invest your time, talent and resources building businesses that are purposeful and profitable.

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