As part of a team transformation process, we worked with a number of people of various backgrounds and ages. This case is about a millennial.

Perceived as difficult to manage, interactions were causing friction and frustration. We set about to see if we could fix it. What we discovered was an inspiring story and a great example of hidden strength and talent.

Here’s the story of Mr X.

Mr X has a condition that as a young boy, stopped him from attending school. Left to study on his own and at his own pace, Mr X passed all his exams ahead of his peers.

When he faced a challenge, got stuck or his will began to waiver, it was gentle words of encouragement from his mother that strengthened his resolve. He didn’t have to be cajoled into studying. He never had to be badgered by anyone or be told what he needed to do. He had the drive, determination and discipline to go it on his own.

However, not wanting to be perceived as weak and somewhat ashamed of his condition, he never shared this with anyone, let alone his bosses or colleagues at work. By feeling safe enough to open up, we were in a position to help him reflect and realise how his condition had shaped him – his outlook, decisions and actions. For instance, he realised:

  • He has an innate hunger to learn and is committed to improve himself
  • His ability to overcome his illness was driving his inability to tolerate excuses from others
  • Not having had teachers or adults tell him what to do was making him impervious to instructions from ‘bosses’

He became aware of how something he was embarrassed about, could be his greatest strengths – if channelled in the right way. With a refreshed view and understanding of himself, he felt confident to share more about himself and worked on stopping the cycle of frustration with himself and others. 

Become aware of your inner story, it could be your greatest strength.

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