We live in most interesting times

A time that requires us to relook at our systems and our societies.

A time to look at ourselves – to explore what world we want to create and the role we want to play in it.

A time to make wise use of our resources – time, talent and interests.

This is your time – a time when you can truly fulfill your potential.

What you do defines you


Considering we work more than a third of our life, what we do is pretty important.


That’s why I work with, advise and design mechanisms to identify and harness people’s potential.


Salty not Sweet – Insights Into Women’s Leadership

It always amuses me to see the look of bewilderment when people hear that I love working in the Middle East, and even more surprised when they find out I had a successful practice in the region. This surprise is for the simple reason that I’m a woman. I understand how...

Wealth, Power and Money

I recall being at dinner with the Chinese Ambassador in Malta some years ago.  I want invited by my old boss and mentor, so as they were in the throws of a discussion about power and money, I sat listening.  The conversation was leading down a path where there was no...

Wells, Wishes and the Way

This reflective talk is a synthesis of Deborah’s thinking and perspective on money, business, talent and humanity. How business can be a force for good and how we can all play our part to create a planet in which everyone not only survives but thrives.

The supportive voice that has given me the know-how and confidence to build a successful business.

This is the first time I can honestly say I am “doing what I love” and “being the best that I can be”.

Personalised advice to enable career development and above all, a higher appreciation of what really matters in life.

Integrity in saying what needs to be said and great moral support at the most critical of moments.

A great person who brings positive energy to any project, team or situation to help make it more successful.

Dedication and passion seldom seen nowadays!

A firebrand of inspiration.

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